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There are several types of Bankruptcy you can file (Chapter 7, 11, 12, and 13), however, the most common one is Chapter 7. In chapter 7 bankruptcy, you have to disclose your property, debts, and financial activities over the past several months.


Bookkeeping and Payroll

When running a business it is enough that you have to manage employees, keep customers happy and make sure money is coming in; adding payroll to this list can be a daunting task. Here is where we can help!



Divorce, is an unfortunate event that occurs often within the first three years of marriage. Whereas we would encourage our clients to try and work it out or take some consulting together, it often still leads to divorce.


Last Will & Testament

Last Will and Testament, is apart of your Estate Planning and requires you to decide on how your assets are allocated upon your demise. You can also appoint who should be your guardian of your minor children, and how your pets will be cared for, if applicable.


Living Wills

Living Will, is a legal document that outlines your preferences in regard to what life-saving measures medical staff and first-responders are allowed to perform on you to save or prolong your life.


Power of Attorney

You use a Power of Attorney if are limited in your ability to function (mentally or physically). Power of Attorney agents manage your financial responsibilities for you.


Additional Services

Once your business is up and running you will need other services to keep it organized, which is where we extend our hand to help you in other areas such as legal and accounting. Our payroll and bookkeeping services are very affordable. And we can draw up contracts or agreements between you and your partner (s), non-compete agreements with your employees, as well as other agreements. Furthermore, incorporate your business and help assist you with setting up your company’s by-laws, and etc. Please look at the list of legal and accounting services we can offer you and your business below:

Traveling Notary Service

offers you the service of a notary in the comfort of your home, business, hospital bed, etc. Fees for each signature is 10.00, the transportation fee is $45.00 0-25 miles, and $65.00 25-50 miles.

Quitclaim Deeds

is filed to transfer ownership from one person to another, or you are passing rights to a spouse or gifting a family member. We can help you through the whole process. Fees start at $49.99.

Setup Legal Structure for a Business

how your business is structured makes a big difference to sources for business capital. Because the different legal structures can offer risks and provide different rewards to business capital sources. Fees start at $150.00.

Answer to Petitions

we can answer complaints filed against you and file petitions on your behalf. Fees start at $250.00. Civil Rights Restored, we can file the paperwork needed to restore your rights. Fees start at $35.00.

Seal and Expunge Criminal Record

we can file the paperwork to seal or expunge your record. Fees start at $75.00.


If your tenant is not making payments on time or just refuse to pay, we can draw up a complaint to evict your tenant. Fees start at $250.00

Name Changes

Seeking to change your name and do not know how to go about doing it? Fee $35.00


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