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What Service We Offer

Scott & Associates Accounting Firm is the most affordable, easiest way to get all the legal and tax assistance you need for yourself, your family, and your business. With the high cost of hiring an Attorney to file legal documents such as simple marriage dissolutions or Last Wills and Testaments, for a fraction of the cost you can hire a Legal Assistant with Scott & Associates. We can help with Simple forms and instructions to help you customize documents for your specific needs. And to be sure it’s done right, we can even have your document reviewed by an attorney.

Tax Preperation


Additional Legal Doc


Estates and Trusts

Legal mechanisms designed to manage and distribute assets both during a person's lifetime and after their death.


Bookkeeping and Payroll

When running a business it is enough that you have to manage employees, keep customers happy and make sure money is coming in.


Audit Assistance

Provided by professionals, typically accountants or tax experts, to individuals or businesses undergoing an audit by tax authorities or regulatory bodies.


Last Will & Testament

A part of your estate planning requires you to decide on how your assets are allocated upon your demise.


Living Wills

Your preferences in regard to what life-saving measures are allowed to perform on you to save or prolong your life.


Power of Attorney

If you are limited in your ability to function (mentally or physically) to manage your financial responsibilities.

What Service We Offer

Once your business is up and running you will need other services to keep it organized, which is where we extend our hand to help you in other areas such as legal and accounting. Our payroll and bookkeeping services are very affordable. And we can draw up contracts or agreements between you and your partner (s), non-compete agreements with your employees, as well as other agreements. Furthermore, incorporate your business and help assist you with setting up your company’s by-laws, etc. Please look at the list of legal and accounting services we can offer you and your business below:

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Hours During Tax Season: January – April 18th

Hours During Off Season: May – Dec